What is faith formation? Welcoming questions of all sorts.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds,

so that you may discern what is the will of God--what is good and acceptable and perfect.

The Apostle Paul to the Romans (12:2)

Too often theology or "talk about God" is viewed as stuff for hermits and marooned shipwreck victims. When there's nothing else to do, then is the time to ask abstract questions about God. Such a notion would have exasperated the apostle Paul. To him, theology was worthless unless it made a difference in how people lived. Paul did not live as an intellectual recluse. He applied his theology to life, a.k.a. practicing what he preached. In fact, the lofty book of Romans was written while he was also raising money for famine victims in Jerusalem (see Romans 15:25-27).

Martin Marty, pastor and Lutheran church historian, has stated: "Christian faith has to do less with what you know and more with whom you know, namely, God and God in Jesus Christ." And yet, the "what" of Christian knowledge also matters greatly because all kinds of stories, events, memories, doctrines, and programs enrich the faith. In faith as in the rest of life, a person grows in knowledge by asking questions.

Therefore, as Lutherans, we welcome questions of all sorts from every generation. 

Faith formation for everyone . . .

  • Confirmation

    A new Confirmation curriculum from Sparkhouse . . .

    Collaborate* is fearless faith formation . . . for 6th to 8th grade youth.

    Click on the Winking Luther to view the schedule.

    *A two-year commitment to hands-on interactive learning that leads to deep engagement with the Bible, church history, and Lutheran theology.

  • Bible Study


    SUNDAYS @ 11:45 AM in the Sanctuary, beginning June 2nd

    Join Pastor Susan for 30 minutes in the sanctuary after worship for an entertaining and information series of BibleProject videos and get better acquainted or re-acquainted with our book of faith, the Bible. Each video is about 8 to 10 minutes long and presents a book of the Bible in a “graphic novel” format. Bible scholars, Tim Mackie and Jon Collins (long-time friends and one-time roommates at Multnomah University) created the BibleProject to help everyone, everywhere read through Scripture while avoiding common pitfalls and misunderstandings.


    This overview course will meet every Sunday beginning June 2nd with the exception of the following Sundays when Pastor Susan will be away: July 7th, August 11th and August 18th. Each Sunday, we will get acquainted with one book of the Bible, beginning with Genesis. 

    For more information, contact pastor Susan at htlchhpastor@gmail.com