What is faith formation? Welcoming questions of all sorts.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds,

so that you may discern what is the will of God--what is good and acceptable and perfect.

The Apostle Paul to the Romans (12:2)

Too often theology or "talk about God" is viewed as stuff for hermits and marooned shipwreck victims. When there's nothing else to do, then is the time to ask abstract questions about God. Such a notion would have exasperated the apostle Paul. To him, theology was worthless unless it made a difference in how people lived. Paul did not live as an intellectual recluse. He applied his theology to life, a.k.a. practicing what he preached. In fact, the lofty book of Romans was written while he was also raising money for famine victims in Jerusalem (see Romans 15:25-27).

Martin Marty, pastor and Lutheran church historian, has stated: "Christian faith has to do less with what you know and more with whom you know, namely, God and God in Jesus Christ." And yet, the "what" of Christian knowledge also matters greatly because all kinds of stories, events, memories, doctrines, and programs enrich the faith. In faith as in the rest of life, a person grows in knowledge by asking questions.

Therefore, as Lutherans, we welcome questions of all sorts from every generation. 

Faith formation for everyone . . .

  • Vacation Bible School 2019

    Saturday Mornings in July

    9 AM to 12 Noon

    begins July 6th, concludes July 27th

    Celebrate faith through music, movement, creativity and fellowship.

    Click on the picture to register to attend or volunteer*

    *All volunteers are required to be fingerprinted and have a background check.

  • Confirmation

    A new Confirmation curriculum from Sparkhouse . . .

    Collaborate* is fearless faith formation . . . for 6th to 8th grade youth.

    Mondays from 4:00 to 5:15 PM (October thru May)

    Confirmation classes will resume in October 2019.

    *A two-year commitment to hands-on interactive learning that leads to deep engagement with the Bible, church history, and Lutheran theology.

  • Women, Wine and the Word (WWW)

    Friday, June 14th @ 6:30 PM

    "Pizza Night"

    Click on the picture to download the for the story of Dinah.

    On the first (or second Friday) of October, December, March, and June, Holy Trinity offers women an opportunity to gather together to build relationships, share some food, a glass of wine, and some laughs as we explore God's word with curiosity and delight.

    In June, we will discuss the story of the rape of the daughter of Jacob and Leah, Dinah, and the vengeance her brothers take on her behalf. Dinah’s story begins with an act of violence. The story takes an awkward turn when the narrator depicts a change of heart by her rapist. But her brothers are deeply aggrieved and want to avenge their sister. In this story we see the cycle of violence, how violence is never satisfied to remain at one level of intensity. Violence begets greater violence.

    RSVP to Pastor Susan by email: pastorsusanholytrinitynj@gmail.com

  • Bible Study

    The Sign of Jonah:  Fish, Flaws, and Forgiveness

    Wednesday Evenings @ 6:45 to 8:00 PM

    April 24,

    May 1, 8 and 15

    In the gospel of Matthew,  some scribes and Pharisees  exclaim to Jesus "we wish to see a sign from you," but he tells them the only sign they will be given is "the sign of the prophet Jonah."  We may think we know what Jesus means by this, but there is much more to the story of Jonah than just a fish story.  Though placed among the Book of the Twelve Prophets in Old Testament, this story of just forty-eight verses is more like a parable or even a satire. Yet Jonah's richness, complexity, and distinctiveness resists all literary categories because none of them embraces it fully. This story of a reluctant yet surprisingly effective prophet asks us to consider important questions about justice versus mercy and so much more.

  • Faith5 Sunday school

    Faith5* Sunday School--Sundays at 9:15 AM (September thru May)

    Resumes on Sunday, September 16th

    Faith formation for children ages 4 to 11.

                               *Faith5 practices: share, read, talk, pray, bless

    9:15 AM--Gathering Time in Sanctuary with Pastor Susan

                      We share our "highs and lows", sing songs, read a bible story and pray.

    9:30 AM--Classroom Time

                      Talk and explore the story with games and crafts and share a snack.

    10:00 AM--Sending Time

                       Each class concludes with the Lord's Prayer and sharing the peace of Christ.