Amazing Grace:

A midweek Lenten pilgrimage in honor of the

250th anniversary of a beloved hymn

Wednesdays @ Noon on Zoom*

Service will be recorded and made available by 2 PM each Wednesday.

Week I, March 1st: Amazing Grace for Prodigals

Week II, March 8th: Amazing Grace for the Despairing

Week III, March 15th: Amazing Grace for the Blind

Week IV, March 22nd: Amazing Grace for the Fearful

Week V, March 29th: Amazing Grace for the Wretched

This midweek Lenten prayer series will tie together the faith journey of John Newton, author of the beloved hymn "Amazing Grace" and those who experienced the amazing grace of God for them as told in scripture.

Together we will discover how we, too, were once lost but now are found, were blind but now we see.